CAPTIVA Innovations to Unveil the World First Illuminated and Interactive e-Banner Solution at the SGIA Expo.

CAPTIVA Innovations to Unveil the World First Illuminated and Interactive e-Banner Solution at the SGIA Expo.

The Award-Winning Technology Solution to Electrify the Large Format Print Industry.

Vancouver , BC— — Today, announced that it will be attending the SGIA Expo at the Las Vegas Convention Center October 18-20. CAPTIVA acts as the marketing arm for TF Massif Technologies, the leaders in extra-large flexible electronics.

“It’s undeniable that little flashing lights attract attention; Combine them with great graphic designs and interactive modules on flexible banner, and you’ve got an incredibly cost-effective way to reinforce brand awareness and create a great ROI” Mo Ahmad, President at CAPTIVA.

To stay relevant in the new era of printed electronics, it is essential for print shops to embrace change through technology and find innovative solutions to connect, engage and collaborate with their end-users. “We believe that printed electronics has large potential in the POP industry, where flexibility and a need to stand-out-from the-crowd is needed. However, the manufacturing process to enable cost effective printed electronics POP has not been addressed – until now (with TF Massif/Captiva Innovations). This development will help to bring printed electronics to market.” Commented Raghu Das, CEO of IDTechEx. CAPTIVA offers a solution that addresses this concern by ingeniously engineering and packaging TF Massif’s e-banner technology into an “easy-to-manufacture” three step process, making it accessible to forward thinking large format print shops.

“CAPTIVA offers an exciting and affordable opportunity to step forward into the new world of printed electronics, allowing them to not only differentiate themselves but also create a brand new and lucrative revenue stream”
. Said Judith Stewart, VP of Marketing/Partner at CAPTIVA. “We are delighted to launch Captiva’s e-banner technology solution at the SGIA this month in Las Vegas.”

About CAPTIVA Innovations

CAPTIVA Innovations (CAPTIVA) is the world first technology solution provider that enables printing partners to leap in the new digital world and produce illuminated, smart and flexible electronic banners, in-house, using existing large format manufacturing platforms. As a subsidiary of TF Massif, the authority in extra-large area and flexible electronics, CAPTIVA draws on over 30 years of experience in thin-film printed electronics from its founder, Alain Carel. CAPTIVA provides the hardware, software and training for a quick and seamless route to a successful launch.

About TF Massif

TF Massif is a technology company based in Vancouver, Canada, specializing in extra-large flexible electronics and drawing on more than 30 years of experience in the thin-film printed electronics industry from its founder, Alain Carel. The company is currently focused on developing innovative solutions such as the world’s first illuminated smart flexible electronic banner products, large format flexible heating, antennas and other electronics that require large area flexible backplanes, as well as sensor and IOT platform integrations.

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