CAPTIVA Innovations to Introduce Its Multi-Sensory LED eBanner at DX3 Canada.

Dynamic P.O.P Solution Integrates Micro LEDs and Sensors into Printed Signs to Bring Brand Messaging to Life and Engage Audience in Unique Ways.

Vancouver, BC, February, 28Th – CAPTIVA Innovations (CAPTIVA), today announced that it will be introducing its multi-sensory LED eBanner product for retail marketing at DX3 Canada, the biggest retail, marketing and technology event in Canada, March 6 and 7th at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, Toronto,  Booth # 118.

CAPTIVA’s ground-breaking product leverages the power of flexible printed electronics to create a large flexible lighting circuit that dramatically enhances printed graphics and bring brand messaging to life.

CAPTIVA will be demonstrating how its dynamically illuminated printed eBanner product not only attracts attention and draws in audiences but can also engage them through multi-sensory experiences such as touch, sound, smell, visual effects, along with other interactive modules to increase brand awareness, loyalty and ultimately drive sales.

According to research commissioned by brand consultant Martin Lindstrom, media that appeals to more than three senses can increase brand impact and engagement by over 70 percent. With CAPTIVA’s eBanners appealing to multiple senses, marketers can create highly effective yet affordable printed marketing campaigns that create long lasting and stronger emotional connections with consumers, thus delivering impressive results and high ROI.

This flexible and versatile LED eBanner product can be customized in virtually any size and shape, lending itself to a variety of truly unique retail applications, including being hung off ceilings, applied to curved surfaces, integrated into retail End Caps and POS displays, or even adapted to fit into retractable banner stands to create eye-catching pop-up stores.

CAPTIVA is also thrilled to announce that is has been commissioned to produce DX3 Canada’s theme banners for the events. The DX3 eBanners will showcase a mesmerizing light experience to attract by-passers attention and beautify the graphics a way that elegantly highlights DX3 branding.

For more information, visit us at booth #118, or contact Alex Taimuri at (604) 620-7726, or by email at [email protected].

About CAPTIVA Innovations

CAPTIVA Innovations (CAPTIVA) is the world’s first technology solution provider that enables printing partners to leap into the new digital world and produce smart and illuminated electronic banners, in-house, using existing large format manufacturing platforms.  As a subsidiary of TF Massif, the authority in extra-large area and flexible electronics, CAPTIVA draws on over 30 years of experience in thin-film printed electronics from its founder, Alain Carel.  CAPTIVA provides the hardware, software and training for a quick and seamless route to a successful launch. For more information on ordering LED eBanners or to learn more about manufacturing partnership opportunities visit us at