CAPTIVA Innovations to Debut its Interactive LED eBanner Product for Trade Show at EXHIBITORLIVE.

The All-in-One Portable eBanner Harnesses the Power of Flexible Printed Electronics to Draw-In and Engage Audiences in Fun and Unexpected Ways.

Vancouver, BC, February, 14Th – CAPTIVA Innovations (CAPTIVA), today announced that it will be launching its one-of-a-kind eBanner product at EXHIBITORLIVE, Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, on February 25 to 27th (Booth # 1750).

The CAPTIVA eBanner product will be part of the NEW Product Showcase, which is the launching pad for the hottest new products and services making their debut at the industry’s number one event, EXHIBITORLIVE, a trade show about trade show.

The portable eBanner is a ground-breaking product that addresses the most pressing concerns all exhibitors’ face when planning for trade shows: How to dramatically stand-out from the crowd; draw-in and engage the audience in a way that will leave a lasting impression; and finally, how to find a cost-effective product or solution that achieves all of these requirements, without the hassle of complex technology programing and/or installation.

CAPTIVA eBanners offer an all-in-one solution that attracts, engages, and can provides measurable results without breaking marketing budgets. More specifically, the integration of miniature LED lights turns printed graphics into dynamic, attention-grabbing messages that draw people in, while the integration of touch sensors and/or other interactive modules embedded directly into a flexible electronic banner can be used to create fun and unique user experiences. All this is nicely packaged up in a portable retractable banner stand powered by either a USB battery pack or a wall outlet. Simply unroll the banner to see it work its magic.

CAPTIVA’s interactive LED banner is a true product innovation on traditional trade show banners. It’s a retractable banner on steroids, and an agile product designed for an agile world. Its potential is unlimited, empowering company owners and marketers to use their imaginations to leverage this cool new technology to create impactful signage to amplify their brand stories. The interactive eBanner can be used:

  • to create fun gamification experiences,
  • as pop-up stores to buy products directly from the banner, or
  • simply as a tool to offer product information and collect valuable customer data by simply tapping a banner with a phone or a scanning QR code.

CAPTIVA will be leveraging its company branded eBanner at EXHIBITORLIVE by offering the audience a chance to win a custom eBanner. In order to enter to win, the audience will need to interact with the banner and fill in an online form. It’s a great way to get qualified leads.

The eBanner is lightweight and flexible, and thus, can also be produced in almost any shapes or sizes, and can be hung, or applied to flat and curved surfaces.

For more information, contact Alex Taimuri at (604) 620-7726, or by email at [email protected]

About Captiva Innovations

CAPTIVA Innovations (CAPTIVA) is the world’s first technology solution provider that enables printing partners to leap into the new digital world and produce smart and illuminated electronic banners, in-house, using existing large format manufacturing platforms. As a subsidiary of TF Massif, the authority in extra-large area and flexible electronics, CAPTIVA draws on over 30 years of experience in thin-film printed electronics from its founder, Alain Carel. CAPTIVA provides the hardware, software and training for a quick and seamless route to a successful launch. For more information: