CAPTIVA Innovations Produces Extra Large Flexible Printed Electronic LED Wall Banner for IEEE International Flexible Electronics Technology Conference (IFETC)

CAPTIVA Innovations Produces Extra Large Flexible Printed Electronic LED Wall Banner for IEEE International Flexible Electronics Technology Conference (IFETC)

VANCOUVER, BC: AUGUST 14, 2019:  CAPTIVA Innovations (CAPTIVA), a TF Massif Company and the world’s first flexible electronics LED banners solution provider, today announced the company was commissioned to produce a 144” x 36’ foot printed electronic wall banner showcasing three different LED circuit lighting patterns to launch IEEE International Flexible Electronics Technology Conference in Vancouver on Monday, August 11th.  Additionally, as one of the main sponsors for the event, CAPTIVA also produced three unique LED enhanced flexible electronic retractable LED banners to promote IEEE, SFU and Flexible Electronics as a whole.


“We are very excited to be part of the IEEE Conference in Vancouver where our flexible electronic LED banners are displayed with IEEE branding to promote the event at Harbour Centre. We are also showcasing one our interactive LED banners incorporating a touch sensor programmed to stop a trail of racing LEDs to win on a prize wheel.  This is a great example to demonstrate how CAPTIVA’s technology solution is more than a simple banner with lights – it’s a sophisticated extra-large flexible circuit board or backplane that integrates various electronics components and can be programmed to create interactive experiences and spectacular attention-grabbing effects,” says Judith Stewart, President and CEO, CAPTIVA Innovations.


“Our market ready flexible electronics LED banners are now being produced though CAPTIVA’s Wide Format Manufacturing Partner Alliance which is comprised of visionaries who understand that CAPTIVA’s technology provides them with a gateway to the powerful world of flexible printed electronics – the current and future applications for our versatile electronic LED banners are tremendous, and our manufacturing partners understand that.”


The International Flexible Electronics Technology Conference (IEEE IFETC 2019) is the premier conference for scientists, researchers, engineers, developers, and end-users to exchange technical research milestones and perspectives in the field of flexible electronics. It provides attendees with a unique opportunity to share, discuss and witness new concepts, new ideas and know-hows in flexible electronics technologies and their applications.


The award-winning technology behind CAPTIVA is a breakthrough concept developed by TF Massif – extra large area flexible electronics banner material with embedded LED circuit lighting and sensors.


CAPTIVA’s flexible and versatile LED eBanner product can be programmed to create a wide range of lighting effects, and customized to be produced in various sizes and shapes lending itself to a variety of truly unique applications, including ceilings displays, integrated into End Caps and POS displays, and in the case of the IEEE deployment, produced in an extra large format and applied to a curved wall, and three more retrofitted LED banners into a retractable banner stands”.


“I am incredibly proud that one of my former students along with his team were able to create such an amazing technology solution. We have received great feedback from conference attendees so far.  In the world of flexible printed electronics, being able to produce a seamless technology solution that can actually be produced by any wide format print shop using their existing equipment is unheard of. This is revolutionary, and we are very excited to partner with CAPTIVA to show how flexible electronics can be used to create such eye catching and impactful LED signs,” says Professor Woo Soo Kim, School of Mechatronic Systems Engineering at Simon Fraser University, and General Co-Chair of the IEEE IFETC 2019.


In today’s digital world, innovation, differentiation and engagement are the keys to effective marketing – CAPTIVA is a visionary company that offers a completely new, large-format signage solution that blurs the line between print & digital, and provides opportunities to create distinctive marketing campaigns through smart printed media.


About CAPTIVA Innovations:

CAPTIVA Innovations (CAPTIVA), a subsidiary of TF Massif, is the world’s first technology solution provider that enables wide format print shops to leap into the new digital world and produce smart and illuminated electronic banners using existing large format manufacturing platforms. CAPTIVA provides a turn key solution for the seamless production of smart LED eBanners, posters and signs to attract and engage audiences, reinforcing branding through a unique, interactive medium. For more information on ordering LED eBanners, becoming a reseller or joining our Manufacturing Partner Alliance, visit us at



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